Cervical Smear Tests

A female doctor or trained nurses perform smears.  It is most important that all women between the ages of 25 and 65 have regular smear tests.  The test can detect any cell changes in the cervix or neck of the womb that can, in the long term, lead to cancer.
If the changes are present, treatment is nearly always simple, effective and without major surgery.  It is a test designed to prevent cancer, not detect it.
Patients who have had a total hysterectomy do not need to have a smear.  If you are unsure, please ask to speak with the specialist nurse.

Citizens Advice Bureau

A fully trained adviser is available by appointment, for patients on Thursday mornings to offer free, independent, impartial and confidential advice on any subject. You can book an appointment with the CAB advisor through reception.

Contraception Advice

Confidential advice is available from all of the doctors. Dr Bubb has a special interest in this area.


Counselling offers you a space to share difficulties you may be experiencing.  It is a confidential service and the Practice Counsellor is a member of the British Association for counselling and abides by their Code of Ethics.
Counselling is available by referral from your doctor.

Minor Operations

Dr Dobbs performs minor surgeries.  These may include joint injections, excision of skin lumps and bumps and other procedures.  If you feel you have a condition, which justifies such a procedure, please see your Doctor.

Nail Care Service

Non-medical Chiropody i.e. toenail cutting is not available on the N.H.S.  To meet this need we provide a twice monthly Nail Care Service, by appointment, for which there is a charge.  For more information please ask at reception.

Vaccinations & Immunisations

All adults need to have a complete basic course of immunisation against tetanus followed by two booster doses.  Boosters are not then necessary unless you suffer a tetanus prone wound.  If you are unsure of your coverage you are welcome to ask at reception.
Children’s vaccinations will be carried our by our Integrated Nursing Team.

Flu Vaccinations

We particularly recommend this for patients over 65 years and those with recurrent heart, chest or kidney disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases.  It is also recommended for residents of nursing and residential homes.  The flu vaccination programme normally takes place in October, we will promote the clinics during September via a variety of outlets.

Other Services Available by Referral from your Doctor or Nurse

  • CHIROPODY – Weekly with Sandra Moles
  • COUNSELLING – Weekly with Brenda

Other Non-NHS Services

Medical examinations for HGV and PSV licenses, and any medicals for pre-employment purposes are not paid for by the NHS, and the Doctors are entitled to charge a fee.

Examinations of this nature take time, and it is sensible to tell the Receptionist the purpose of the visit to the Doctors so that they can book an appropriate amount of time.

A list of all the fees that the Doctors are entitled to charge is displayed in Reception and can be viewed via the link below:


The surgery does not sign passport forms. Information regarding countersigning can be found via the link below:

Counter Signing

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