Practice Team

Practice Management

Ms Gillian Brindle (f)
Gillian Brindle is the Business Manager for Cerne Abbas Surgery.

Mr Ryan Burden (m)
Ryan Burden is the Assistant Practice Manager at Cerne Abbas Surgery.


Logan Mitchell – Operations Assistant/Reception Lead
Steve – Receptionist
Sharon – Receptionist
Caroline – Receptionist
Hayley – Receptionist
Liz – Receptionist
Carol – Receptionist


Hilary – Practice Secretary
Carol – Administrator
Sarah – Notes and Records Administrator
Val – Care Co-Ordinator
Logan – Medical Reports

Mid Dorset Primary Care Network

The Mid Dorset Primary Care Network management and administration team are based at Cerne Abbas Surgery.

We are in the final stages of having our website completely redesigned to meet the most recent NHS and Accessibility Standards.
We are expecting the new website to go live by the end of this week. The website address will remain the same (, so no need to update your bookmarks!
You can see a preview of the new homepage in the picture below – there might be some slight changes between now and when we go live, as well as once it is available to everyone, but the format will remain the same.
Don’t be alarmed if you see this new site – it is really us!

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