Your Pregnancy

During pregnancy you’ll be looked after by a primary health care team led by your General Practitioner (GP), which includes the midwives and health visitors involved in your care and the care of your baby.  If complications arise you’ll be referred to a specialist team at the hospital.

You should self-refer yourself to the midwives by using the Maternity Matters website. This will ensure the relevant teams are informed of your pregnancy.

Primary Care Team

Your GP:
This is your family doctor who, along with a midwife, will help you plan your antenatal care and will provide medical care for both you and your baby during and after pregnancy.

Hospital and community midwives have been specially trained to care for mothers and babies throughout pregnancy, labour and birth. Community midwives continue to care for you and your baby for between 10 and 28 days after the birth.

Health Visitor:
Your health visitor takes over your care from the midwife.  She is fully qualified nurse who has had extra training in caring for people in the community.  Her role is to help families, especially those with young children, to keep healthy.

Specialist Team

This is a doctor who specialises in pregnancy, labour and birth.  An obstetrician is part of the hospital team you will be referred to if complications arise in any of these areas.

Also part of the hospital team, a paediatrician is a doctor who specialises in the care of babies and children.  Your baby will be checked by a paediatrician before you both leave hospital to make sure that he is fit and healthy.